Perdaman Global Services and Code of Conduct

In Australia, the regulation body for migration agents is known as the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), an office of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). As the industry regulator for Australian Migration Agent services, set out in Section 316 of the Migration Act 1958, they ensure all migration agents are registered and monitors agent’s continuous professional development.

OMARA also provides information on consumers’ rights, obligations of registered migration agents under the code of conduct and procedures to submit and make a complaint.

At Perdaman Global Services, we hold the OMARA Code of Conduct (the Code) in the highest regard and are stringent to ensure all our migration agents are registered with OMARA, with regular attendance at CPD training sessions, designed to enhance our migration agent’s knowledge and professionalism.

This Code is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents.

Aims of the Code are:
  • establish a proper standard for the conduct of a registered migration agent,
  • set out the attributes and abilities that a person must demonstrate,
  • set out the duties of a registered migration agent to a client,
  • set out requirements for relations between registered migration agents,
  • establish procedures for setting and charging fees by registered migration agents,
  • establish a standard for a prudent system of office administration,
  • to require a registered migration agent to be accountable to the client,
  • resolve disputes between a registered migration agent and a client.

Printed copies of the Code of Conduct are displayed in every meeting room and at our reception counter at our headoffice in Osborne Park, Perth Western Australia. We also attach a link to the Code of Conduct in all our quotes submitted to prospective clients. The Code of Conduct is also prominently featured on the home page of Perdaman Global Services’s website.

Perdaman Global Services has strong corporate ethics of integrity where all our agents are required to know the provisions of the migration legislation with sufficient depth to offer sound and comprehensive advice to clients, including advice on completing and lodging application forms. Our agents are expected to perform diligently and honestly, and are always willing and able to deal fairly and professionally with all of our clients.

If you believe you need a hand to help you, Perdaman Global Services has all the professional hands you need. We have global knowledge, contacts, affiliations and practical skills to take care of you all the way to your new life in Australia. We go to great lengths to help you as Australia’s migration process is not as straightforward as putting in an application and getting accepted. Write to us at or visit our website