A Chef Story – Part 1

A Chef Story –  Part 1 | Ronnel Britania 

This is part one in the story of a unique parallel in two people’s lives, connected by Perdaman Global Services.

In 2012, Morris and Compass launched a large-scale recruitment campaign for FLY-In-Fly-out (FIFO) chefs and cooks across Australia. The contract was awarded to a company called OWI Philippines managed by our current Recruitment Manager, Marlene Alejandrino. OWI Philippines contracted Perdaman Global Services (PGS) to process all their visas.

One of OWI Philippines’ candidates was named Ronnel Britania – who was employed as an international English Language Testing System (IELTS) review instructor. Ronnel had previous kitchen experience working as a chef and was therefore singled out by Marlene to aid in the project as a recruiter, identifying and placing chefs for the Morris and Compass assignments. When Ronnel later expressed his interest in going to work in Australia, Marlene arranged an interview with Morris Corp; which subsequently led to Ronnel moving to Australia in March 2012. Ronnel then transferred to Compass Group as a 4:1 FIFO chef on a natural gas project. Ronnel went home to Manila for a couple of years before returning to Australia and obtaining his permanent residency through Perdaman Global Services. Marlene later presented him as a Hospitality Account Manager to Techforce, where he is now the Division Manager.


Part 2 coming soon!