When Mwenya Mwansabamba moved to Australia from Zambia in 2001, meeting his future wife was the furthest thing from his mind. His heart was set on studying at Notre Dame and continuing his profession in Communications.

“I had seen pictures of the beaches and the restaurants and general city life in Australia and although I had never been, I was excited to come,” said Mwenya. “While I was studying I was working as a cook so life was pretty busy. I decided to pursue a career in food, so switched courses to studying Commercial Cookery at Challenger TAFE and eventually got a job up on the mines,” he added.

But in 2011, while shopping close to home, Mwape Katalamutunga caught the young man’s eye. As they passed each other in grocery aisle after grocery aisle, they smiled at one another and Mwenya found the courage to approach the Zambian beauty, and they exchanged numbers.

Mwape, who coincidentally grew up just a few short kilometres from Mwenya’s home, had been living in Perth with her sister and brother in law and studying Childcare at the Australian Institute of Workplace Training. Mwenya used his culinary skills to woo Mwape, and it wasn’t long until they fell in love. Mwape was still new to Perth, so Mwenya was delighted in showing her around his new home town.

The two decided to expand the family and before long, after what was a suspected bout of food poisoning, they found out they were having a baby. Tasheny Chansa was born in March 2014.

Mwenya originally entered Australia on a student visa, however his love with the Australian lifestyle was the catalyst in him applying for citizenship in July 2013. He was granted his citizenship in September of that year, and proudly accepted the honour at a ceremony held in Perth with his pregnant partner by his side.

“Applying for citizenship can be a tricky process, especially if English is not your first language. I had help from Perdaman Global Services who guided me through the process and have now facilitated Mwape’s partner Visa, which was granted in November 2014. We plan to head back to Zambia later this year so that Tasheny can meet her grandfather and aunts, uncles and cousins and plan our wedding. It is going to be an exciting year for us.”

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