New Year Message by Noelene Merrey, Chief Executive Officer

New Year Greetings.

May I express my sincere appreciation to all our valued customers, business partners and stakeholders for their ongoing support, trust and utmost confidence in Perdaman Global Services over the past year.

Similarly, my appreciation to our staff’s contribution for their relentless commitment and dedication in putting Perdaman Global Services in a strong position and ensuring continuous success.

The new year promises to bring along much success and progress for Perdaman Global Services as we all embark on an expansion drive into the Chinese market to promote business investment and education into Australia.

Our presence in China was inked in December 2014 with ZhiGao ShowMe law firm in Chengdu, China, and through our joint efforts and commitment, we will continue to develop and promote investment opportunities, education and migration into Australia. In addition, our London office will celebrate its first anniversary in April 2015.

Recognising the importance of value-add to our corporate clients and individuals, Perdaman Global Services offers corporate tax/financial advisory services through our alliance with Tony Underhill Chartered accountant.

Moving towards this direction, as specialist in global recruitment for technical operational roles, our recruitment arm, continues to solve human capital needs. Perdaman Global Services will have a booth at the 2-day DownUnder Expo from 28 February 2015 in Birmingham, UK to identify the highest calibre candidates for a range of industries with focus on key skills in manufacturing, resources, hospitality, agriculture, oil and gas and engineering.

Perdaman Global Services remains committed to support the community where we operate as responsible corporate citizen. Our initiatives are focused in the field of education and training for Aboriginal children via Mila programme where Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) status has been granted by the Australian Tax Office, facilitating corporates and individuals to embrace the opportunity to make a difference to the Aboriginal community and the children.

In an increasingly competitive economic landscape, Perdaman Global Services commits to deliver excellent customer service and to be more innovative in providing superior products and services to meet increasing customer demand, ethically and responsibly.

On this note, we believe communication is highly essential and central for the effective management of our business and please continue to communicate with us via our social media platforms.

In conclusion, Perdaman Global Services will continue to implement its key strategies to expand and grow its business, with firm commitment to excellence amongst all levels of staff with investment in human capital development to enhance our core competencies, productivity and greater competitiveness.

Wishing you the best for the New Year.