How Labour Agreements can work for you

Large-scale employers, such as mining companies have been known for importing a specialised workforce into Australia to fill positions that can’t be found domestically. Between 1 September 2011 and 1 September 2012 the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) received 103 formal requests for a labour agreement. During the same period, 75 labour agreements were approved, five were declined and a further 14 were withdrawn.

If you are an employer who is looking to hire a large amount of workers that cannot be found in Australia, then one solution worth considering is a labour agreement with DIAC – Perdaman Global Services can help you with all the necessary information.

This agreement allows employees to obtain a temporary or permanent visa (depending on their eligibility) which provides them legal entry for up to four years, gives dependents the opportunity to live here as well to work and study whilst coming and going from the country as often as necessary. Permanent visas can allow for all of the above mentioned in addition to entitlements from Medicare and certain social security payments.

An employer will request an agreement from the Australian government, and negotiate its terms. The company must nominate the positions that must be filled and recruit personnel from overseas that can fulfil the duties of the role adequately. An employee then accepts the job offer and applies for a visa under the labour agreement.

To be eligible for such an agreement, an employer must show evidence that they have tried to recruit from the local workforce previously. They also have to document their commitment to training Australian workers as well as a general positive record of obedience towards Australian law and immigration law.

The obligations require an employee to have a level of skill in English, generally be under 45 years of age and meet all the requirements necessary to fulfil the job professionally and legally. Normal eligibility requirements, including character and health checks, are another responsibility in which the employee must show they do not carry a condition that may harm others in Australia and that they have had no serious brushes with the law before.

Source: Migration Alliance