Kuya Scholarship Programme Update – Nov 12

Wilmer A. Cabudoc – 16 years old

In Wilmer’s first month living away from home he shared with his social worker that he felt nervous at the beginning. Although he is quite shy, he is very happy with the opportunity granted to him and had been looking forward to the start of the course for the last few months.

Wilmer gets on well with teachers and has quickly made new friends. He is enjoying the welding course and has already learnt a lot. He is gaining interest in the course every day, his class notes are very good and he is becoming familiar with welding terminologies.

Although they miss him, Wilmer’s family have been a great support to him. He understands that the job he will get after completing this course will allow him to provide a much better livelihood for his family and himself.

Wilmer is doing well so far. He is more than motivated to pursue the whole course. He is having two counseling/life skills session a month and two school visitations to help him to adjust to the school and prepare him in life outside the school.

Jeffrey C. Alla – 21 years old

Jeffrey has been out of school for a few years and was very happy to return to his studies because he and his family could not afford it when he left school. Jeffrey has a wife and young child who are his source of strength and motivation on the course. His wife is very supportive and his parents have promised to provide for his wife and child during his time on the course to give him the best chance.

Jeffrey is outgoing and quickly adjusted to life in the dormitory. He has made new friends and shared his experiences with them. He shared with his social worker that he felt very gracious for his place on the course after learning that many of his new friends were paying very high fees. He said that this will make him more serious about his studies.

Jeffrey is learning a lot about welding after initially struggling to get back in the routine of classes and studying. He has become more conscious of personal budgeting, keeping a record of his expenses and putting more thought into the purchases he makes.

Overall, Jeffrey is doing very well so far. His family have been a rock of support & Jeffrey himself appreciates that the chance he has been given is very rare and will open up huge opportunities for him and his family.