900% Increase for Overseas Engineering Graduate Visas in Australia

The Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) have announced a new measure to offset the engineering skills shortage by reforming the 476 visa to increase the number of overseas graduates eligible to work in Australia by 900 per cent. The 476 visa enables engineering graduates under 31 years of age, who have completed qualifications at a recognised institution, to live and work in Australia for up to 18 months. Previously, only 108 institutions were recognised by DIAC but this will increase significantly – for example to 386 in the US alone. The change provides more scope to bolster the local workforce because most graduates entering on 476 visas convert to permanent visas.

If you’re a young, qualified engineer, it’s just become easier to work in Australia. As the engineering skills shortage continues to plague the Australian resources industry, government, industry, and industry associations are working together to bring more qualified people into the Australian workforce. Employers in the mining industry, oil companies and energy businesses are all experiencing a severe shortage of engineers. Now is a great time for young engineers to consider an engineering job in Australia.

Source: Mining Oil & Gas Jobs