RSMS Processing Times

Perdaman Global Services clients who have permanent residency applications lodged with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) need to be informed about lengthy and inconsistent processing times for ENS and RSMS applications.
Due to the recent change in legislation – the pre-1 July rush of applications has added around 9,000 applications (about 21,000 persons) to the DIAC pipeline. DIAC are still entering cases into their system. This moves their on-hand caseload from being the equivalent of 4 to 5 months processing work, to around 9 months of work.
Applicants are deemed to be ‘in the pipeline’ if their applications were not submitted as Decision Ready. Decision Ready cases had to be 100% complete, with all relevant documents, police clearances and medical records included in the application. If (for example) you were still waiting for your overseas police clearance, but Perdaman Global Serviceslodged your application without it to meet the 1 July deadline, your application would now be in the pipeline.
The additional 9,000 applications has potentially serious implications for DIAC service standards. The priority offered to Decision Ready applications (which guaranteed 2 week processing) already meant that non-decision ready cases were actually taking more than 4 to 5 months to allocate to case officers.
DIAC has a large number of Decision Ready applications on-hand and it is likely to take several months before they are allocated. At the moment DIAC does not have enough case officers to allocate all Decision Ready applications in the previously nominated timeframes. Applications in the pipeline will take at least 9 months to process.
DIAC has advised the Migration Institute of Australia that they are not currently in a position to say where they are up to in terms of date of application with Decision Ready applications.
Perdaman Global Services trusts that this background information will explain the delay which is out of our control. We thank you for your understanding and patience when requesting updates on your applications.