Boostlingo in healthcare

Australia’s healthcare institutions are overwhelmed already and expecting demand to increase rapidly. As patient numbers rise, so too does the requirement for appropriate measures to test and monitor their health.

In an effort to contain the virus and minimise risk of contraction, healthcare providers have set up dedicated testing centres. Testing locations must adhere to strict regulations to ensure utmost caution and rely on clear communication to manage this.

For the majority, this process is a simple transaction, but for non-English speaking patients this can be an anxiety-inducing ordeal. In an already tumultuous time, the additional language barriers can lead to heightened confusion and fear.

Healthcare providers have a duty of care to accommodate all patients with quality service, regardless of potential language restrictions.

Boostlingo is a premium, on-demand interpreting platform with the ability to break down language barriers.

Used through an app on your smartphone, Boostlingo provides immediate access to an interpreter, giving healthcare professionals the means to confidently communicate with their patients and appropriately address their needs.

Users can download the app at no charge and only incur costs when connecting to a translator or interpreter.

With no signs of the virus slowing down, it is vital our healthcare providers are equipped with appropriate measures of response.