10 Benefits of Being an Australian Permanent Resident

Fancy a change? Want to relocate ? Australia could be the right choice for you! Sydney harbour, Swan river, Perth, Margaret River, Melbourne, Brisbane, have you done your research? Where do you want to live? Are you looking for a new destination, a new beginning, a new life somewhere else?

Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and the benefits of being a resident are extensive. The economy is strong and employment opportunities are endless. Alongside this the scenic landscaping in Australia could be the Paradise on Earth you want to live in.

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Take a look at the top ten benefits –
1. The right to Live in Australia indefinitely
2. Freedom to work anywhere
3. Freedom to travel
4. Freedom to pursue higher education
5. Eligibility to apply for Australian citizenship
6. Children born to Australian permanent residents will become citizens by birth right
7. Privilege to sponsor other family members to live in Australia
8. Social Welfare benefits
9. First home owner grant
10. A better credit rating in Australia for being a resident
Let’s take a look at the benefits

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