Investment Visas and Property Webinar with Noelene Merrey

A webinar is now available with Perdaman Global Services’s Noelene Merrey as a guest with Momentum Wealth – for those interested you can click the following link to register:

  • What are the key things overseas investors are looking for? Tips for SMEs seeking an overseas buyer or partner
  • Where are the returns? Evaluating opportunities in property development and commercial property
  • What are the different types of Visas and how well are they suited to property investors and developers? i.e. Significant Investor Visa, Premium Investor Visa (update), 132 Business Talent Visa (PR pathway), Subclass 188A Business Innovation and Investment Visa (TR visa)
  • What options are there to invest with others (i.e. syndicates and JVs) and what are the considerations we need to take in?

    In the first of our 2016 advisor webinar series, we bring you greater insight into the keenly-requested topic of Working with Overseas Investors and take a closer look at visa options for overseas investors with our guest Noelene Merrey from Perdaman Global Services.

    Working with or want to work with overseas clients?

    Overseas investors face a number of challenges – finding a suitable investment, complying with visa requirements and understanding the Australian legal and tax systems, among others. It’s no surprise that they turn to their accountants and advisors for advice and investment opportunities – however, complex visa regulations and changing policies can hold back professional advisors from confidently providing this assistance.

    This event is critical for professional advisors working with overseas clients and will provide key insight to the opportunities and challenges they face.