Queensland has endless opportunities …

There are recent changes to state nominated visa options for Queensland and Perdaman Global Services has liaised with Cindy Callander, Business Development Officer, for Trade & Investment Queensland who penned the following article explaining the complex changes and highlighted the key points.

“If you are looking for business and career opportunities as well as a great lifestyle, make Queensland your destination. World class education combined with an enviable lifestyle ensures that highly skilled professionals, business people, investors and graduates want to make this state their home.

Business and Skilled Migration Queensland (BSMQ), values the contribution that skilled and business migrants make to the state. BSMQ provides Queensland Government nominations for skilled, business and investor retirement visas.

Queensland is a popular choice for skilled migrants, with its year-round great weather and great career opportunities. It is an ideal place to work and live, offering a high standard of living and good working conditions, including:

  • discrimination free workplaces
  • safe working conditions
  • comparable wages
  • entitlements including public holidays and leave.

BSMQ has recently undertaken a substantial review of it skills requirements and is now offering two sets of skills lists. If you are applying for a skilled migration visa from outside of Australia, the newly reviewed skilled occupation lists contain a range of occupations from farmers to health workers to engineers. Skills most in demand are specialised health occupations such as physiotherapists, sonographers and optometrists. Applicants with these skills can apply for a permanent residency visa and choose to live and work anywhere within Queensland.

As a result of the recent review, there has been a focus on encouraging migrants to settle in regional Queensland, with many more occupations contained on the regional, temporary resident visa skills list than the permanent residency list.

With Queensland being the most decentralised state in Australia, and with 46% of new immigrants to Queensland choosing to live and work in a region, it’s no wonder Queensland is such a popular choice for those whose skills are required in regional areas. And if you don’t love it, you can apply for permanent residency after two years and move to beautiful Brisbane or the sunny Gold Coast. With the new Queensland government’s focus being on developing skills within the state, it has been decided to cut back significantly on requirements for trade occupations.

However, new entrants to the skilled occupation lists include engineering professionals in all areas, vocational and special needs teachers and precision metal trades workers. And there are many, many more occupations available on the lists for applicants already within the state, such as ICT, tourism industry workers and scientists.

So if you are thinking about giving Queensland a try on a Working Holiday Maker or Business Sponsorship visa, this list might be for you.

With economic activity such as the multi-million dollar Queen’s Wharf development in Brisbane and 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Queensland has endless opportunities.

Come and live and work in paradise! ”

Cindy Callander, Business Development Officer for Trade & Investment Queensland, UK

We will be sharing more details about some of the new career opportunities in Queensland, such as the farming and agriculture sectors. Be sure to stay connected with Perdaman Global Services on Facebook and subscribe to our quarterly newsletter. Our team at Perdaman Global Services is fully trained and experienced to assist with your visa application and please feel free to submit a free online visa assessment.