Humanitarian migrants the most entrepreneurial: ABS report

According to figures released by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), from 2009 to 2010, humanitarian migrants were the most entrepreneurial, while skilled migrants generated the highest income, a total of $38 billion in total income and almost two-thirds (63%) of migrant taxpayers were skilled.


Skilled Family






“This is an exciting first release of experimental data and results show some distinct differences in the personal incomes of migrants influenced by visa stream, period of residence and gender,” said Jenny Dobak from the ABS.

Migrants Born Total Income Contributors
United Kingdom 8.8 billion
India 5.3 billion
South Africa 2.8 billion

“While almost two-thirds of migrant taxpayers were migrants with a Skilled visa — reporting $26 billion in Employee income — Humanitarian migrants displayed greater entrepreneurial qualities and reported a higher proportion of income from their own unincorporated businesses and this income increased sharply after five years of residency.”

Further information can be found in Personal Income of Migrants, Experimental, Australia, 2009-10 (cat. no. 3418.0), available for free download from ABS website.