Minor Changes to Assessment Criteria for Accounting related Occupations

With effect from Wednesday, 1 July 2015, minor changes will be implemented to the assessment criteria for accounting related occupations, where total number of core knowledge areas will be consolidated from the current twelve (12) to only nine (9).

The list of competency areas are:

  1. Accounting Systems and Processes
  2. Financial Accounting and Reporting
  3. Management Accounting
  4. Finance and Financial Management
  5. Business Law
  6. Economics
  7. Quantitative Methods
  8. Audit and Assurance
  9. Taxation or Australian Taxation Law

For the occupations listed below, at least seven (7) of the above competency areas must be met, with the exception of external auditors and accountants, who are required to meet at least eight (8) competency areas :

  • Accountant (general) (ANZSCO code 221111)
  • Corporate treasurer (ANZSCO code 221212)
  • External auditor (ANZSCO code 221213)
  • Finance manager (ANZSCO code 132211)
  • Management accountant (ANZSCO code 221112)
  • Taxation accountant (ANZSCO code 221113)

As part of the visa application process for skilled migration to Australia, it is mandatory for skills to be assessed. CPA Australia conducts migration skill assessment for the occupations listed above.