Significant Investor Statistics as of February 2015

As of 28 February 2015, Significant Investor Visa (SIV) statistics recorded a total of 695 primary visas granted, an increase of 6.3% in comparison to January 2015, with 651 primary visas granted.

There were 2,157 Expressions of Interest (EOI) submitted through SkillSelect in February 2015. (In January 2015, a total of 2075 EOI was recorded). Invitations to apply for SIV issued as a result of applicants being nominated by a State or territory government was recorded at 1875.

A total of AUD$3.475 billion has been invested in Complying investments with a total of AUD$2.840 billion proposed to be invested in Complying investments. The highest number of SIV applicants is from China, amounting to 90.4% with 88.8% of SIV visas granted to applicants from China.

The SIV programme was launched on 24 November 2012 which provides a pathway to provide significant migrant investment into Australia under the Business Innovation and Investment visa programme.

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