Industry update for interstate hospitality workers

The Australian Hotels Association has secured a pathway for interstate specialist staff to migrate to Western Australia.

With the support of the Tourism Minister Paul Papalia, labour shortages for chefs, experienced cooks and senior operational and management staff will be recognised as areas of pre-existing need for purpose of considering the G2G Pass.


  • Individuals cannot enter WA unless they are an exempt traveller and approved to enter.
  • A G2G PASS is an online, mobile application that allows approved travel into Western Australia for an approved purpose.
  • The current Quarantine Directions provide an exemption for individuals who have specialist skills not available in WA.
  • WA Police advise that every application is assessed on a case-by-case basis and favourable consideration is being given to those who have contracts in place and are permanently relocating to WA.

For more information on obtaining a G2G Pass contact our team.

Source: Australian Hotels Association