New Points Test – how does it work?

Points test system is used across several general and business skills visa programs. It ranks you based a combination of factors such as your age, English language proficiency, education, employment experiences etc.

Bear in mind that the points test system is competitive. This means that you should do everything you can to genuinely increase your points, because higher points will always increase your chance of getting an early invitation.

With the introduction of 2 new regional visas on 16th November 2019, the points test will also have some changes. As a result, we have updated our website’s points test table and you can try it out. But to make things easier, please also see a quick summary below:

  • Age, English and Employment experience points have remained the same.
  • Regional nomination by the state/territory government or eligible family member gives you 15 points instead of 10.
  • Research degree (Masters or Doctorate) in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from an Australian university gives you 10 points instead of 5.
  • You will no longer be ‘disadvantaged if you are single, in fact you get an extra 10
  • If your partner/spouse can evidence competent English but does not have an eligible skills assessment, you can still get an extra 5
  • A skilled partner will give you an extra 10

A more detailed ranking system for applicants with same points have also been announced:

  • First – primary applicants with a skilled partner/spouse.
  • Equal First – primary applicants without a partner/spouse, i.e. ‘single’ applicants
  • Second – Primary applicants with a partner/spouse who can demonstrate competent English but no eligible skills assessment.
  • Third – Primary applicant with a partner/spouse who does not have competent English nor an eligible skills assessment.

So, if we are to summarize this ranking system with reference to pop culture, it is basically saying that ‘cause if you like more points you shouldn’t put a ring on it. Well, unless ‘it’ belongs to someone with competent English or an eligible skills assessment, or both. Thank you, Beyoncé.

If you would like to know more about the new points test, please contact us here.

Disclaimer: The content above is for information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, it is not intended as legal or immigration advice. No person should act solely on the basis of above information without obtaining professional advice from a registered migration agent.