Recruiting overseas workers: interview with our partner, MOMMS

Perdaman Global Services have a network of partners from around the globe. The longest standing partnership is with MOMMS (Multi-Orient Manpower and Management Services) who we have been working with for over 12 years.

I took some of Christians’ time (our Head Recruiter based in Manila) to ask some questions about his own thoughts about the job market, skills assessments and working together.

Christian, you have been working for MOMMS for 10 years, what are the changes in the Filipino job market that you have seen over that time?

The recruitment and demand really picked up within the Mining industry in 2012-2013, it then declined after 2013. In 2012-2013, we deployed almost 233 Filipino workers in to Australia to fill the skills shortages.

Today we are seeing a similar trend to the start of a skill shortage, there is a huge demand for Heavy Industrial but also Hospitality too. Australia is also competing with Japan and Canada who are also pooling from the Philippines in order to fill projects and roles offshore.

What job roles are available to Australian employers in the Philippines?

  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic (Mining experience)
  • Auto Mechanic/Light Vehicle Mechanic
  • Auto electrician (Heavy|Mobile Equipment)
  • Department Manager/Restaurant Manager
  • Boilermakers/Fabricators/Welders
  • Chefs/Cooks
  • Electricians

 MOMMS is a known training facility in Manila, what type of training options are there at the facility based in Manila? What machines are available?

We do have different types of welding machines such as: TIG Welding Machines, FCAW welding machines, GMAW welding machines, SMAW welding machines.

We also have space in our training centre to hire machines and to build a testing facility that fits with the needs of the company. We have hosted and tested with belt splice machines, we have built switch boards and hired cars for glaziers here also.

What type of trades have you recently tested in the workshop? What type of tests were the candidates doing?

We have done welding skills test in Pipe 6G position using GTAW root pass and FCAW for capping.

The facility based in Manila is a fantastic opportunity to test candidates in their own environment, the flexibility the training facility brings has allowed Perdaman Global Services to work with our clients to create the best results for hiring skills workers from cooking to welding!