Perdaman Education Tour

Last month, Perdaman Global Services was pleased to welcome international students from the English Culture Centre (ECC) China, for a 2-week education tour here in Perth.

Program background

Students split their time between classroom study at St Stephen’s School (7 days) where they were buddied up with a local Australian student for their comfort and to help them amalgamate with other students, and excursion tours (4 days) where they had an opportunity to visit popular destinations of Perth and experience lifestyle and culture of Western Australia.

The main goal of this education tour is to make sure that all students are given the opportunity to explore their interest in subjects such as English, Sports, Arts & Australian Culture and Music. Outdoor education and excursion also play an important role in our tailor made program.

Objective and significance

Education tours provide students with opportunities to collaborate with teachers and integrate new perspectives with informal environments to enhance learning initiatives. Among all the education tour benefits, skill development is the most important. In respect to meeting different education tour objectives, students need to apply skills, values and general knowledge in new settings. The education tour will help student in different ways such as:

  • Effective learning: Learning has always been a process of gaining new knowledge or modifying the existing knowledge, behaviours, skills or values. Ultimately, learning is more effective when it comes through experiences. Students will be able to acquire firsthand knowledge about a different side of living.
  • Personal Development: Education tour offers a perfect informal setup for discussion, dialogues and experiences which helps in developing various life-skills such as team building, time management, etc. to enhance one’s reach and impact in the society. Develop a focus on self-awareness in a personal as well as a professional context.
  • Develop Critical Thinking: It is scientifically proven that educational tours stimulate students reasoning skills. Students can think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. Students develop the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking.
  • Effective Communication: Students can build up effective communication skills which help them to effectively participate in the society’s aspects and contribute for the betterment of individuals.
  • Respect for Culture: When students travel to different geographies they are exposed to ideas, customs and social behaviour of other societies. This may be through various experience like homestay, etc. These activities make students able to indulge in culturally different situations and dealing with them appropriately.

If your school or organisation would be interested in organising a similar education tour with students, please get in touch with our team at