Immigration Updates from July 1

Australia’s immigration system is the most complex piece of legislation. Due to the regular updates of the system, potential applicants need to be aware of the changes that could potentially affect their plans. The next few months will see several important changes in immigration.

1. Visa fees increase

Most visa types will increase by 5.4% beginning July 1.

Examples are:

* Student visas will increase from $575 to $606

* General Skilled Migration visas will increase from $3,755 to $3,958

* Partner visas will increase from $7,160 to $7,547

Visa fees for the 600 Visitor visa and 143 Contributory Parent visa will remain the same.

For more information, visit the Department of Home Affairs.

2. Changes in the points test system for skilled independent migrants

The points test system will change beginning November 2019. Some of the changes will include awarding additional points; including, applicants who are single, partners who have good English skills and applicants that are sponsored by a state government or relative in a regional area.

3. Tougher rules for partner visas

The processing of partner visas will take longer as Australians will need to go through a pre-assessment before they can apply to sponsor their partners for visas. The sponsor will no longer be able to lodge a partner visa immediately until he or she has had their criminal history or character assessed.

4. Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA)

The Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA) allows employers from particular regions to sponsor people who are not necessarily on the Australian occupations list. Migrants will be given temporary visas which could potentially lead to permanent residency. Occupations under a DAMA usually have concessions or exemptions such as lower English score, no requirement for a skills assessment or work experience.

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