Parent visa sponsorship

The new sponsorship arrangements have been implemented last month for the temporary parent visa (Subclass 870). Eligible Australian citizens and permanent residents can now submit an application to become an approved sponsor, which would in turn support their parent(s) to visit Australia for up to 3 or 5 years, with the maximum periods of stay capped at 10 years.

Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) has reported that approximately 400 sponsorship applications had been submitted so far, which was lower than expected potentially due to the uncertainty with federal election. However, the numbers are expected to increase in the future, as the Department of Home Affairs believes the Subclass 870 visa may be used by many as a temporary solution to visit Australia, especially for those who have already lodged a permanent parent visa application.

To be approved as a sponsor, one must meet the following eligibility criteria and lodge an application online:

  • Be an Australian Citizen; or
  • Be an Australian Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand citizen that usually resides in Australia for at least 4 years; and
  • Have not been unlawful of held a bridging visa other than A,B, or C during the last 4 years.
  • Pass the income test – at this stage, the test requires the taxable income for the last financial year be at least equal to, or greater than $83,454.80. It is possible to combine income if additional criteria are met.
  • Have met and complied with any previous sponsorship obligations, and agree to continue to do so if this sponsorship is approved.
  • Meet character requirement
  • Have no debt to the Australian government

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