Temporary skilled visa system: Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee

Below are the recommendations which we think can have a major impact on the Temporary Skilled visa system.

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Recommendation 2

2.100 The committee recommends that the Australian Government increase the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) to a minimum of at least $62,000, and mandate that the rate of the TSMIT be indexed annually in line with the average full-time wage.

Recommendation 3

2.105 The committee recommends that the Department of Home Affairs review and update its policies regarding health assessments of temporary visa holders, to ensure that visa applications will not be rejected on health grounds in cases where there is no possibility of health and social services costs accruing to the Commonwealth or state and territory governments.

Recommendation 8

4.85 The committee recommends that the Australian Government introduce more stringent evidentiary requirements for labour market testing to ensure that the intent of labour market testing arrangements is achieved and Australian employment opportunities are protected.

Recommendation 9

4.88 The committee recommends that the Australian Government resolve not to enter into any future free trade agreements that would involve labour market testing waivers.

Recommendation 10

4.92 The committee recommends that the Australian Government undertake a review of the use and effectiveness of labour agreements under Australia’s skilled migration program, and implement any necessary changes to ensure that:

• labour agreements are only entered into where there is publicly demonstrated evidence of a genuine skills shortage that cannot be addressed by the Australian workforce;
• all relevant stakeholders are genuinely consulted during the process of finalising labour agreements and provided with appropriate feedback in relation to concerns raised; and
• the Department of Home Affairs’ reasons for entering into a labour agreement (or a renewal of any labour agreement) are made publicly available.

Recommendation 19

6.71 The committee recommends that the Australian Government propose amendments to the relevant law to make it unlawful for temporary visa workers, including persons on student visas and working holiday visas, to apply for or to hold, an Australian Business Number (ABN).