Changes to Immigration Health Examinations effective 20 November 2015

Effective 20 November 2015, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will deliver a number of changes to the health systems and policies which will impact immigration and processing arrangements. The new arrangements are designed to ensure Australia’s community is effectively protected against risks to public health and also ensure Australia’s immigration health screening remains appropriately targeted.

These changes include :
  • Enhanced arrangements to facilitate the re-use of existing health examination results,
  • Revised “health matrix” will change which health examinations are required to complete for temporary visa applications. The health examinations to be undertaken will also depend on how long the stay will be in Australia and the “risk level” of the applicant’s country of citizenship and activities carried out while in Australia.

Similarly, visa applicants who are considered to be at a “lower risk” from a health perspective will now no longer be required to complete unnecessary health examinations. The new matrix is available on the Health Examinations page.

  • Tuberculosis (TB) screening for children between the ages of two and ten (10) years old.

The new ‘health matrix’ will apply for lodgement of visa applications after 20 November 2015. Applicants for temporary and permanent visas will not be affected if their visa application was lodged before 20 November 2015 and have already undergone their health examinations.

As part of the visa application process and to determine if applicants’ meet Australia’s minimum health standards, all permanent, provisional and certain temporary visa applicants are required to complete health examinations.