Significant Investor Visa Statistics as of 31 March 2015

As of 31 March 2015, Significant Investor Visa (SIV) statistics recorded a total of 751 primary visas granted, an increase of 7% in comparison to February 2015, with 695 primary visas granted.

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A total of AUD$ 3.755 billion was invested in complying investments with 47.6 per cent of primary visa applications have been on hand for less than three months. The highest number of applicants are from China (90.2 per cent), followed by Hong Kong (3.0 per cent) and Malaysia (1.2 per cent).

Recently, the Australian government decided to temporarily suspend all new nominations to apply for Significant Investor visa effective from 24 April 2015 to 30 June 2015. The suspension which came into effect on 24 April2015 is a temporary measure, which will reopen on 1 July 2015 to coincide with the introduction of new framework through associated amendments to Migration Regulations Act.

During the suspension of nominations, prospective SIV applicants will still be able to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) to be nominated for the programme. Any existing SIV application and those who have already been invited to apply prior to the suspension will continue to be processed under current regulations. The suspension will not impact existing SIV applicants, or those who have already been invited to apply for an SIV.

The Significant Investor visa (SIV) programme which commenced on 24 November 2012, is a pathway to provide for significant migrant investment into Australia under the Business Innovation and Investment visa programme. The programme is designed to provide a boost to the national economy through an increased inflow of investment and to enable Australia to compete effectively for high net worth individuals seeking investment immigration.