Double Celebration of Harmony Day

Perdaman Global Services staff of 11 nationalities celebrates Harmony Day !!

Perdaman Global Services staff of 11 nationalities celebrates Harmony Day !!

Perth, 20 March 2015 – To mark and honour fifteen (15) amazing years of Harmony Day and in line with Perdaman Global Services’s commitment to deliver a positive contribution to the community where we operate, Perdaman Global Services organised double celebrations; Breakfast Sausage Sizzle and Harmony Day Lunch.

Noelene Merrey, Chief Executive Officer of Perdaman Global Services said, “This day of double celebration in conjunction with Harmony Day, is a great and auspicious day for Perdaman Global Services, especially with the diversity of staff at Perdaman Global Services. We are lucky enough to have a total of eleven (11) nationalities working here and live the message, “everyone belongs”, each and every day.

At Perdaman Global Services, we promote a sense of belonging and respect for everyone and it is highly important to embrace one another’s cultures and beliefs.”

“The breakfast sausage sizzle held is to raise funds for our CSR event, Mila programme – coaching and mentoring of Aboriginal children, where the Australian Taxation Office has granted Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) status,” Noelene said.

Employees and senior management team in Perdaman Global Services take turns to organise the monthly breakfast sausage sizzle voluntarily.

Mila programme was designed to provide opportunities to Aboriginal students to explore their passions, beliefs in the context of making positive choices which lays a strong foundation for them to transition into a career or tertiary education. Mila (Noongar language means “in the future”), forms one of the key CSR strategic elements of Perdaman Global Services.


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