Perdaman Global Services Corporate Social Responsibility Program holds Official Signing Ceremony

Immediate Release

Collie, Western Australia – December 2014 – An exciting new chapter and key milestone in Perdaman Global Services’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy was reached recently, with two MOUs signed, to strengthen collaboration efforts and commitment in the field of education and training of Aboriginal children.

One of the MOU’s signed was between Perdaman Global Services and Collie Senior High School, which cements the partnership between the school and Perdaman Global Services’s Mila program. This program provides opportunities for Aboriginal students to explore and embrace their aboriginal heritage, explore their passions and beliefs in the context of making positive choices and most importantly, to lay a strong foundation for them to transition into a career or tertiary education.

Mila, (Noongar language means “in the future”), which is a professionally developed program, forms one of the key elements of Perdaman Global Services’s CSR strategy. The Australian Taxation Office has granted Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR) status to the program where corporates and individuals can support and embrace the opportunity to make a difference to the Aboriginal children and community.

Present at the signing ceremony were Domenic Camera, Principal, Collie Senior High School, Brett Merrey, Director, Perdaman Global Services together with Julie Hillier, Taylor Hayward and Karen Jetta, Bilya Moorditjabiny Training Services.

Mr Camera said, “It is absolutely fantastic to have this opportunity.”

Julie Hillier, Senior Consultant and coach for the Mila Program said, “We will be focussed and align all of our efforts to achieve the objectives of the program for Aboriginal children in Collie, the South-West Region and nationally.”

The second MOU Perdaman Global Services signed, was with Outback Academy Ltd and Woolkabunning Kiaka Inc, to collaborate and drive programs dedicated to Aboriginal children and most importantly, lay solid foundations for them in pursuance of a brighter and successful future.

Present at the signing ceremony were Clare O’ Kelly, Executive Director, Outback Academy and Les Wallam, Executive Officer, Woolkabunning Kiaka Inc., together with the team from Perdaman Global Services.

Ms O’ Kelly said, “I am glad to say that this partnership with Perdaman Global Services will in the future, form a real foundation for Aboriginal students’ success.”

Taylor Hayward, Aboriginal Liaison Officer with Perdaman Global Servicessaid, “It’s great to be able to give back to a community that gave me so much. We started this program to help students be the best they can be, really set them up for a successful future. I was lucky enough to have a great support network but some students don’t have that.”

Mr Brett Merrey said, “Our goal at Perdaman Global Services is to work closely with Aboriginal people to develop ideas from the youth and build long-term relationships with communities. We embarked on this initiative in Collie, as we grew up in this town and firmly believe the Mila program is sustainable in building a solid foundation for a successful future for the Aboriginal children.

Perdaman Global Services is impressed with the drive and enthusiasm demonstrated by the local Aboriginal community on the Mila program. Positive and profound reactions and appreciation on the support extended was overwhelming.”

The owners and directors from Perdaman Global Services, Noelene and Brett Merrey, originated from Collie, owned and ran businesses in the town of Collie, and have large family base in Collie. The two principal mentors / coaches Taylor Hayward and Julie Hillier also have strong Collie connections.

Perdaman Global Services is a leading Australian specialist with a global presence in immigration, recruitment and human resources solutions with offices in the UK, Philippines and China with its head office located in Perth, Western Australia.


Collie Senior High School (CSHS) is an independent public secondary school in the heart of the close knit community of Collie. CSHS remains committed to provide access to the highest quality teachers, education and environment. At CSHS, every child can shine, and where they will receive all the support they need to achieve their dreams.

Woolkabunning Kiaka Inc represents the children from families to the Roelands Mission (now Village) in south-west, Western Australia. The current Committee of Management in its Strategic Plan 2011-2020 is seeking to achieve divestment of the Roelands Village property by 2015 and to establish the Village as a productive, vibrant and active place where all are welcome. This includes applied learning and employability skills development.

Outback Academy Australia Ltd is a non-for-profit company formed following outcomes from an Australian Government funded project titled, “Networked Communities for Sustainable Futures” (NCSF). WKI was a founding member of the project which worked to establish what is required to achieve economic freedom and increased employment for Aboriginal people. A key healing and employability skills project in the Hospitality and Tourism area was also piloted as a way of establishing what is required to conduct these programs with maximum employment and retention outcomes for participants. OA is committed to the retention of Aboriginal young people in schools, including those with disability. This program is now referred to as Outback Academy Respect (accredited over an agreed timeframe with relevant OA local partners, including industry/employers, RTOs and community organisations).

If you require further information, please contact, Taylor Hayward, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Perdaman Global Services at

(Left to right) Domenic Camera, Principal, Collie Senior High School and Julie Hillier, Mila Program Coach and Perdaman Global Services Senior HR and OD Consultant Clare O’ Kelly, Executive Director, Outback Academy and Les Wallam, Executive Officer, Woolkabunning Kiaka Inc. (far right) with Brett Merrey and Taylor Hayward rsz_img_0185 (2)

Pix 1 Domenic Camera, Principal, Collie Senior High School and Julie Hillier

Pix 2 Clare O’ Kelly, Executive Director, Outback Academy and Les Wallam, Executive Officer, Woolkabunning Kiaka Inc. with Brett and Taylor

Pix 3 Karen Jetta, Bilya Moorditjabiny Training Services with Brett, Julie Hillier and Taylor Hayward