No Public School Fees for 457 Visa families earning under $75,000 per year

Under the new provision, Western Australia State Government announced yesterday, public school tuition fees for families on 457 visas would take into account lower incomes and other hardships.

  • Families earning $75,000 a year or less will not pay the public school tuition fees
  • Illness and unemployment considered for partial or fully waived fees
  • $4,000 per annum per family, regardless of how many children enrolled in public schools.

Education Minister, Peter Collier said families will pay $4,000 per annum but only once their gross household income passes $75,000, regardless of how many children they have in public schools. The Minister said exceptional circumstances would also be considered under financial hardship provisions.

“Full or partial fee waivers will be considered, based on evidence of unforeseen changes in a family’s circumstances such as illness, unemployment, family breakdown and death.”

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Fact File

  • The fee is managed by the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s Education and Training International (ETI)
  • Families will receive invoices for the 2015 tuition fee at the start of the 2015 school year
  • Applications for financial hardship provisions will be managed by ETI
  • For more information, visit