Statistics on Migration to Australia 2014 to 2015

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has released the latest information that indicates migration figures into Australia is on the rise, particularly under the Skilled Stream.

Of the people migrating to Australia for the period 2014/2015, 68 per cent are skilled migrants and 32 per cent are from family visa streams. Planning levels are set by the government each year and the size and composition changes to meet the social and economic needs of Australia.

With a prosperous, strong economic climate and very high standard of living with vast opportunities, Australia presents a very positive and secure environment for business and work.

Migrants make a significant contribution to the Australia economy and further enhance the nation’s already rich cultural mix and the purpose of migration to Australia is to build the economy, shape society and support the labour market.

Migration statistics are made up of the total number of visas issued overseas, plus the number of permanent residence approvals for people who have come to Australia as temporary entrants, and then applied to remain permanently.

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