Avoid costly mistakes and the importance of using a Registered Migration Agent

As one of Australia’s leading migration consultants, the Perdaman Global Services receives numerous calls from employers stating that they have attempted to make applications for their employees transitioning from the temporary visa subclass 457 to permanent residency. It appears that there is often confusion with the processes involved, and a great deal of frustration when employers have spent long hours completing applications, only to find that the paperwork is incorrect or incomplete and the application is refused. Back to the drawing board!

It is often at this point that ISA, as Registered Migration Agents, are requested to intervene. As you can imagine this means that employers incur additional costs, not to mention the time and effort in initially preparing the application. There’s also a very human cost, with many clients having moved their family to Australia from their country of origin.

It is important to note that there are certain ‘at time of application’ criteria that applies to most types of visa applications when applying for both permanent and temporary Australian residence. If these eligibility criteria are missed, there often is no turning back and this means that at worst, there may be a lost visa application charge which can range from approximately $ 4000 up to $ 17,000 depending on the size of the family.

If the visa gets refused it can be reviewed by the Migration Review Tribunal, at a further cost of $1604.00 (current at time of this article). This process can often be stressful, as some cases, and especially the subclass 187/186, can take up to 14 months before the case is decided. This often has implications for the family, over and above the level of stress the uncertainty of the situation is causing. Often applicants cannot receive medical cover if their previous visa did not allow for it, and certain special circumstances do not apply.

At Perdaman Global Servicesgroup we have over 14 years of experience with employer sponsored visas and utilise the expertise of combined skills and experience of a group of agents and consultants. We know the visa regulations and work together with the employer, as well as the applicant, to ensure that we make the right decisions when it comes to visas and processes involved. The benefit is the security of knowing that happy employees make for a happy and healthy working environment. For the sake of saving a few dollars here and there it really is not worth taking the risk and playing with the security and emotional well being of your employees.

Here at Perdaman Global Services we know what is important when it comes to visas, to our clients and applicants alike and we won’t let you down. We trust that you will do the right thing when it comes to your employees, in turn you can trust us with your business and ensure for a happy and healthy working environment and future.