Perdaman Global Services Expands into United Kingdom

Moving towards expanding our global footprint, Perdaman Global Services opened a branch in the United Kingdom in April 2014.

“Our UK branch forms part of Perdaman Global Services’s growth strategy to expand our capabilities in sourcing top talents in blue and white collar professionals to meet the skills shortages in Australia. Most importantly, we assist individuals and businesses to navigate Australia’s complex immigration processes,” said Noelene Merrey, CEO, Perdaman Global Services.

Having more than 14 years of experience in the recruitment industry spanning various sectors, Ms Leanne Short heads the UK branch located in London. She works with individuals and businesses to achieve cost effective viable solutions to fulfil workforce needs in Australia.

She says, “Our UK team shares Perdaman Global Services’s values to provide excellent services to all clients, individuals, small businesses and corporates globally. With our excellent knowledge of Australian immigration policies, we work closely with individuals in the UK looking to live and work in Australia through various pathways such as permanent residency, sponsored employment and Australia’s working holiday maker programme.”

Perdaman Global Services is one of Australia’s leading immigration and overseas recruitment specialist helping thousands of people and businesses move to Australia to live, work, study and establish businesses and homes. Having 2 joint venture partners in Philippines, Perdaman Global Services operates a Training and Skills testing centre in Manila with the aim of providing skilled labour globally.

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