School fees for Western Australian children

The Premier of Western Australia, Mr Barnett has announced that families of 457 visa holders won’t have to pay school fees to send their children to a Government school until 2015.

Mr Barnett has said that the annual tuition fee of $4000 would commence in 2015 and would apply to a family’s first child enrolled in the State system and $2000 each for second and subsequent children from the same family.

Mr Barnett said the delay in charging the fees meant parents already living in WA on a 457 visa or who had already lodged a visa application to come to the state would not have to pay unexpected charges immediately.

“We are giving plenty of notice that the fees will apply for the year after next,” he said.

Mr Barnett also said there would also be provisions to take into account hardship and payments could be made in instalments.

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