New school fees for 457 visa holders

School fees of $4,000 per annum per student will apply from January 2014 for children of 457 visa holders. The number of dependents of 457 visa holders attending government schools has increased from 290 in 2005 to 8,600 in 2013, imposing a significant impost on the public purse. This measure will raise an estimated $17 million in 2013-14 and a total of $120 million over the four years to 2016-17.

For our clients who are already present in WA holding 457 visas, this may be a good time to invest in permanent residency (PR). Contact Kylie on or by phone on 08 93468888 if you have any questions regarding this or if you would like to support your 457 workers in employer sponsored permanent residency. Note that under the RSMS your employees must remain employed with you for 2 years after their PR is granted.