The importance of a professional business plan

Communication is key when it comes to applying for business and skilled-labour immigration visas.

Businesses need to convince the Department of Immigration and Citizenship that the foreign employees they wish to sponsor will be valuable assets to Australia if they are granted a visa.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship will base its decision about giving your skilled migrant worker a visa on many factors.

Top among these are the skill set of worker, whether they will facilitate job creation and improved services to Australia by being here, and how financially viable allowing them to live and work here will be.

Nadine Connell of Smart Business Plans Australia says that the best way to make business-class visa applications stand out is with a professionally written business plan”.

This business plan should demonstrate the value your client will bring to their adopted community, industry and Australia as a whole.

“It’s vital that your client can demonstrate the experience and expertise they bring – and how their knowledge and wealth will benefit the region they intend to reside in with employment opportunities, skills training and investment,” explains Ms Connell.

You should also include your business objectives, strategies and tactics in this plan, and explain how the worker you are proposing to sponsor will help you achieve all three.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship will need to know your business’s current position in the market, as well as its physical set-up – where it’s located and how your staff are structured.

You must also include evidence of financial arrangements and the projected growth of your business over the four years in which the skilled migrant worker will be a member of your team.

With less than one hundred days to go, migration visas – and, in particular, changes to the 457 visa program – have become a hot topic amongst our political leaders and candidates.

Such changes could make sponsoring skilled migrant workers a whole lot harder. That is why, now more than ever, a professionally written business plan is important.

Source: Migration Alliance