Perdaman Global Services and DFP Recruitment Alliance Launch

On Tuesday April 23, Perdaman Global Services and DFP Recruitment launched their alliance. This is an alliance that will provide our combined clients with access to a global talent pool of skilled labour through our local, national and international offices and networks.
This alliance has been cemented through a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Kate Duncan – State Manager of DFP Recruitment and Noelene Merrey Director of Perdaman Global Services.
At the launch, Peter Dyball from Pit Crew Management Consulting Services provided the audience with an update on the Major Project Labour Market.
Here is a summary of his presentation.
The value of Projects:

• Pit Crew model over 422 resources, energy and infrastructure projects within the Australian market these have a total capital value of $728.8 billion.

• Of these projects approximately 259 are approved with a value of $446.4 billion and in the pipeline are over 163 projects with a Value of $282.4 billion.

What about skill shortage, where are they, how big are they and how long have we got to prepare?

• Nationally Pit Crew’s modelling shows a requirement for construction labour over the next 12 months can be pretty much be met locally with a moderate shortage of labour.

• However, drilling down to a State by State basis the picture is a little different with the ‘northern states’ QLD, NT and WA (WA is included in this as it is in the north that most of the project activity is based).

– SA, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania should be able to meet the demand with local labour over the next 12 months.

– Queensland will experience moderate shortages as will WA

– NT will be the standout with an acute shortage. Although it is coming off a fairly low base employment number compared to other states.

So where will the shortages be?

• Construction

– Specialist welders

– Boilermakers

– Pipe Fitters

– Mechanical Fitters

– Electrical Trades

– Crane Operators

– Riggers and Scaffolders

• Operations

– Production Managers and Experienced Production Operators

– Engineering Technicians

Characteristics of the labour Market

• Major projects still creating strong demand for construction labour and engineering resources.

• Construction labour shortages anticipated for skilled trades

• Labour market starting to evolve more to an operations focus as construction is completed.

– Operations workforce requires higher average level of skills and the future availability and level of experience is being impacted by an aging population and the retirement of ‘baby boomers’.

• Ability to meet demand will be a direct function of:

– Mobility of local resources – particularly from the Southern states of NSW, Victoria, South Australian and Tasmania to QLD, WA and NT.

– Investment in Education and Training.

– Use of overseas skilled labour – temporary and permanent.

• The peaking of construction and engineering around 2014/2015.

• The increasing dominance of operations over the next 5 years.