Kuya Scholarship Programme Update – Dec 12

Wilmer A. Cabudoc – 16 years old

Wilmer has been showing great interest in his studies this month. His teachers have praised his dedication and said he is doing especially well in his practical lessons. His welding is improving and he has learned good welding techniques. Wilmer himself thinks that he would like more practice to perfect his welding techniques and would then like to learn new types of welding.

Wilmer is practical when preparing his lists of expenses; he is careful with his schedules and he always shows a positive attitude in his dealings with other students at school. His dorm mates describe him to be kind and silent.

Wilmer keeps regular contact with his family. He sees them as his source of strength and this motivates him to work harder in his studies. Wilmer acknowledges the rare opportunity he has been given and is very thankful to be learning a life skill.

Jeffrey C. Alla – 21 years old

Jeffrey is showing positive changes in his behaviour to prepare for his working life after he completes his studies. At first he changed small characteristics like interpersonal relationships and self-awareness. Now his teachers have noticed much more positive changes like Jeffery being more tactful, courteous and honest. During his counselling sessions he is open to sharing his feelings and problems.

Jeffrey has been set with challenges such as self-management of expenses, making time for reading and gaining good relationships with his dorm mates. He is showing good progress in changing his behaviour and acknowledges the importance of it. He is also trying to cut out his smoking habit as he realizes it won’t benefit him in any way.

Teachers have shared that Jeffrey hasn’t been performing to his full potential in practical lessons but he can overcome this with more focus and extra practice. Jeffrey admits that he has had difficulty in learning techniques such as 6G but has not shown dismay, instead he has shown a willingness to practice more and learn to do it right.

Grateful for his chance to study and learn new things, Jeffrey is aware that he needs a great deal of perseverance in order to perform his roles as both a father and student and has said that he will not let go of this opportunity. He is determined to be a good welder at the end of the programme.

Jeffrey is maintaining good communication with his social worker, especially in sharing his struggles as a husband whilst trying to dedicate himself as a student. Jeffrey is taking his ALS examination soon and is determined to pass and obtain a high school diploma.