New 457 visa monitoring and compliance service

Perdaman Global Services has introduced a monitoring and compliance service to help businesses that sponsor Subclass 457 visas meet their sponsorship obligations.

When a business sponsors a worker under the subclass 457 visa program, they agree to a set of specific requirements, also known as undertakings. These undertakings are a part of immigration law and must be met.

With high penalties for noncompliance being imposed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), Perdaman Global Services, Chief Executive Officer, Noelene Merrey says it is essential for businesses that sponsor 457 visa holders to have steps in place to make sure they meet their commitments.

“DIAC is taking a much stronger line on sponsors that don’t meet their obligations, and in recent times some businesses have had their sponsorships cancelled,” said Noelene.

“We have specialists who can help clients to monitor their obligations and/or conduct audits to ensure that they are not in breach of any requirements,” she said.

Sponsoring businesses need to meet a number of requirements, such as paying the correct salary and meeting the cost of a sponsored worker’s return travel costs, but they may also include paying for medical or hospital costs not met by health insurance of Medicare, where eligible. Other requirements include:

  • Ensuring obligations for PAYG tax and superannuation are the same as for Australian employees.
  • Notifying DIAC of changes to the nature of a sponsorship such as a change of address, changes to a company’s structure and details of any mergers.
  • Ensuring sponsored workers hold the required licence, registration or membership that is mandatory for their role.
  • Advising DIAC of any substantial changes to the role and responsibilities of a sponsored worker – this may require a new visa application.

By using the services of ISA’s monitoring and compliance team, a business can avoid such potentially costly and unproductive oversights.