Immigration 101

Are you planning on moving to Australia, or visiting for an extended period sometime soon? You’ll need a Visa, and finding the right visa and navigating your way through what can be an extensive and costly process, can be very daunting.

Here’s some notes to assist you!

What’s a Visa?

A visa is an endorsement on your passport required by the Australian Government to enable a non-citizen to visit or live in Australia, temporarily or permanently.

What types of Visas are there?

In general terms, there are two categories of visa types: temporary and permanent.

Because there are so many subclasses or categories within these temporary and permanent visas, it depends on why you would like to come to Australia which determines which specific visa subclass you need. For example under ‘Temporary Visas’ you might be a ‘Student’. And under ‘Permanent Visas’ you might be an employee for a company based in Australia.

How long does the process take?

Depending on which visa subclass you are applying for, the process could take anywhere from 1 day to in excess of 50 years. Usually, temporary visas are faster to process (around three months) and permanent visas can take a longer time (six months to one year onwards).

Why can’t I do this myself – why do I need a consultant?

When applying for a visa, it is very important to provide correct information and documents to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). The DIBP is very strict on making sure that they receive the correct information and documents for your application and this can become quite confusing. Supply the incorrect information, and your application could be delayed. If your application is refused, it can cause issues if you try to lodge a new visa later on.

This is why contacting a migration service provider, like Perdaman Global Services, can be beneficial when compiling and lodging your visa application. We can assist you to choose your visa subclass and advise on correct documents and information to ensure the best possible outcome for you. That way you have all of your paperwork ready for processing the first time around.

You can potentially save yourself the loss of a great deal of money. The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) visa application charges are higher than ever, and typically increases every year. For example, the current cost of an onshore partner visa is $6,865. Once you lodge your application the money is gone. No matter whether the application is approved or refused. It therefore makes good financial sense that you engage a professional who ensures that your application is correctly completed in every way. A registered migration agent is legally obliged to be up to date with the latest Immigration Regulations. They can accurately assess your chances of lodging a “complete” and valid application which will save you money by skilfully avoiding mistakes made by people trying to go it alone.

What are the main steps involved?

When considering applying for a visa, the main steps involved are:

  • Determine the correct visa type for your application,
  • Ensure you have the required level of English language ability and any skills requirements, if needed, based on visa type,
  • Compile the required documents and forms,
  • Lodging the application.

If you engage the services of Perdaman Global Services, we can assist you with the whole visa application process from start to finish.

What prerequisites do I need before I come and see you? (Language, skills etc.?)

Call us – that way we can let you know the documents you need to bring with you for your first meeting. With so many different visa subclasses and requirements, it is highly recommended to consult with a professional migration service provider, like Perdaman Global Services, to ensure that you get the right start and apply for the correct subclass visa.

Once I have my Australian visa, what are the options available for me?

If you are currently on a temporary visa (depending on subclass), you have the option of leaving Australia and re-entering multiple times over the course of your visa. Before your visa expires, you have the option of applying for permanent residency.

Once you are a permanent resident, you can live and work in Australia for the duration of your visa. You will need to renew your permanent residency visa every five years, unless you become a citizen of Australia.

Becoming a citizen of Australia, you can live and work in Australia permanently without having to renew your visa. You will be part of the Australian culture and fully experience all the wonderful things this great country has to offer.

What if my family/partner wants to join me?

There are many options from which to choose, if you would like to include your family members on your visa, and some temporary visas automatically allows you to do so. If you are transitioning from a temporary to permanent visa, it is best to include your family members on the visa at this time otherwise, to add them separately later on, could be very costly.

If you are already an Australian citizen or resident, you can apply for a spouse visa for your foreign partner (married or de facto) to come and live in Australia with you. You will become their sponsor and support them within every aspect of life, including financially.

Perdaman Global Services can assist you with choosing the right path to include your family members on your visa.

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