New Australians “Giving Back” as Thanks for their New Life

Perth, January 2015 -This Australia Day held a special significance for new Australian Julie Hillier, who took her pledge in a ceremony conducted by Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi on Monday, 26 January 2015.

Julie is one of the new Australians who have not only embraced their new country with open arms, but have made a concerted effort to give something back to the community.

Julie arrived in Perth in 1982 as a twelve year old child on her parents’ 457 Visa, when her father worked during the early days of oil and gas exploration in Port Hedland. Once the Visa expired, they returned to Scotland, however Julie’s own career in oil and gas in later years brought her back to Australia.

“Throughout my early career, I was fortunate to work in several countries with visits to Australia on many occasions, both for work and holidays. In 2007, I was once again provided an opportunity to work in WA, a country that has always had a special place in my heart for the people, their diversity, pioneering spirit, and their values,” said Julie.

“They continue to impress me on a daily basis along with the simple, unique beauty of the land and the rich culture, in which I have noticed a huge shift during my 32 year relationship with this country. Whilst still maintaining its own clear identity, the mature embracing of other cultures with positive shifts of conversation on indigenous people of Australia, touched me dearly.”

Julie has now experienced migration through a number of lenses – firstly as a dependent child, secondly as a 457 skilled worker and finally, as a permanent resident becoming an Australian citizen.

Julie’s consulting work with Perdaman Global Services as Senior HR and Organisational Development Consultant further paved the way for her to continue her journey to utilise her skills and contribute towards the prosperity of Australia which she feels has given her so much.

Perdaman Global Services is a company which specialises in recruitment, HR and visa solutions, migration law, migration policy and case management of overseas workers. Through the MILA program, (Noongar for ‘in the future’), one of the CSR programmes initiated by Perdaman Global Services, Julie has had the opportunity to play a major role and be a positive part in working with fourteen to sixteen year old high school Aboriginal students through education and training support.

“Additionally, the great multicultural mix of staff at Perdaman Global Services has been an inspiration. We work together with dedication to support organisations in Australia and especially individuals all over the world to establish businesses in Australia, re-locating to work, study and live in Australia. As the majority of my work mates have been through the migration process, we have the capability to relate passionately to our clients’ hopes and dreams.

“I am now married to Karl, my Australian husband and happily settled here. Although I will always be proud of my Scottish heritage, Australia is now my home and I look forward with confidence, great energy and passion to contribute whatever I have towards this great country and embrace the positives of my migration journey and assimilate into the society,” she added.


Caption : Julie Hiller (left) accepts her Australian Citizenship certificate from Lisa Scaffidi, Perth Lord Mayor (right). Her Excellency Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO, Governor of Western Australia is seated in the background.